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Why you should trade on Nimera Swap

Swap in one click
Swap instantly with a beginner-friendly interface and quick processing time.
Swap on multiple markets
Our platform works with any blockchain, not just with ERC-20 tokens.
Find the next Bitcoin
Discover new tokens with project info on the main screen and detailed analytics section.


How is swapping different from regular trading?
Swap pools have a different pricing mechanic. Each pool always holds two tokens. The relative amount of pooled tokens to each other determine the price. Thus, the price of tokens in the pool can be different from the outside market.
Is swapping easier than trading?
Nimera Swap interface is a lot more streamlined. It does not have an order book and complex charts that are so confusing for beginners. Thus, swapping crypto is way simpler for those of us who are just starting out. However, all basic trading rules and principles still apply.
Is it true that Swapping is good for arbitrage?
Arbitrage is when you buy on a platform where the price is lower and sell on a platform where the price is higher. The Swap prices formulate with a different mechanic, thus they can fluctuate from the general market. This creates interesting arbitrage opportunities.
People complain that gas prices on Uniswap are very high. Is it true for Nimera Swap?
No, it is not! The Swap has almost no network fees. We use our own Nimera blockchain to process transactions. When you deposit assets into the system, The Swap issues colored coins that represent whichever token you’ve added. These coins are just as secure as the real ones. However, they exist in the Nimera Blockchain which has minuscule fees compared to the Ethereum blockchain.